Avoid unnecessary calls on your number by using VIP call service
Don't have balance? Let the Called party pay with Collect Call!
Guarantee the delivery of your Messages with Smart SMS

Conventional VAS


We take pride in being Pakistan’s leading Conventional Value-Added Services (VAS) provider, offering products tailored to existing telecom infrastructures and customer needs.

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Call Back Notification

With Call Back Notification service, both parties receive a missed call and notification.

Collect Call

Out of credit? Let your loved ones pay for you

My Status

Share your status and let your caller know what you are doing

VIP Call

Out of credit? Let your loved ones pay for you

Notify Me

Get notified once the number you have dialed is back on the network

Smart SMS

Guarantee the delivery of your messages with Smart SMS

Sponsor Me

Let your sponsor pay for all your calls


Never miss an SMS with alerts for up to 24 hours

Smart Call

Make calls on your friend's mobile with your own number displayed


Keep an eye on every call made by your child with U-Monitor


Manage your monthly budget better than ever


Get your calls and SMS log statements using U-Log service

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